Rutledge Ancestry


Rutledge Ancestry endeavors to recombine and document the genealogical history of our particular branch of the Rutledge Family. We believe that this resource, dedicated to the precise line of ancestors and descendants to which we belong, is in the best position to serve our family as a complement to the many other resources available to family historians. We will continue to provide a comprehensive, user-focused, and publicly available family tree for the benefit of all who desire to explore our Rutledge heritage.
Generic goals of the author:
  • Descendants: All descendants of Robert Rutledge (b.1782) and Mary Lurvey (b.1783)
  • Pedigree: All ancestors of brothers Patrick, Timothy, and Thomas Rutledge, and their spouses
  • Biographical information for each member of the direct lines above
  • Media (photos, documents, records, artifacts) for each member in the direct lines above
The author intends to focus his own research on the goals outlined above, but is happy to review and post information about any individuals and families listed on the site, as provided by site visitors.
Information shared on this site is believed by the author to be true, accurate, and shared for that purpose. However, a good chunk of the information was inherited, then the early contributions of the author were not always cited well with sources, and a better effort has been made in more recent history. We’re attempting to audit and source our facts as we work, and clean up any data that needs to either be removed or noted as unverified. Otherwise, if you don’t see a source listed, PLEASE do the groundwork and verify the information. In time I hope to make this a high-quality repository for reliable data, but until then the information is shared for the purpose of generating interest and contact with relatives. Always consider information carefully.
“Living Person(s)” show as placeholders for actual individuals whose information is not displayed to the public for privacy reasons. This biographical information is generally limited to names, birth dates, education, and whereabouts. It is limited by the person who submits it, and protected by means of a Username and Password granted solely by the author and administrator. This access is granted only to verified relatives in the tree, and well-known genealogists who are either related or are collaborating on research projects.

Public profiles are generally for deceased individuals, and almost all of the information and media are made public. If a media item, such as a photo, contains a living and a deceased individual, the item will remain private until all profiles are set to public. A user can request that their profile be made public. One might do this for research purposes so they can be found. Care should be and is exercised when including personal details on these profiles.

Questions about privacy can be directed to the author through the Contact page.