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Much of the information provided in this family tree is the product of many years of research by my cousins, Foster Rutledge and Jerry Rutledge. Avid genealogists, they created the bulk of this tree and have done a great job keeping in touch with the current generations. Family history was always important to us growing up. As site author, Tim Rutledge, my work began about 2010 with Foster’s storytelling and my penchant for puzzles. My brother Patrick Rutledge, the webmaster here, is responsible for the work that went into building this website in 2011 and making it accessible to anyone with an internet connection. In the process of meeting relatives, our cousin Sarah Nelson contacted us and helped us link our former brick wall ancestor Robert Rutledge (from County Cavan, Ireland) to his siblings, parents, grandparent, and extended family, giving us a global perspective. The work never ends, and we’re always looking to learn more and meet new relatives.