Rutledge Ancestry

Excerpt from Chronicles of the Clark Family

Excerpt from Chronicles of the Clark Family
The long-awaited connection from Robert Rutledge (b. 1782) to his family (parents, siblings, etc) can be found on pages 53 and 54 of this book.

This document also mentions "Old Edward" of St Louis as a son of Robert the Second Brother.

Finally, it indirectly mentions "a son of James" still living on the old homestead. James is son of the Third Brother, William. And in Ballymagirril, in the late 1800s, Forster (a son of James) is indeed the only Rutledge there.

This document ties together three very large Rutledge family trees.

[TR 5 Apr 2016]
Date of Origin
abt. 1879
Associated People
Robert "The Brick" Rutledge
William Rutledge
Frances Rutledge
Eliza May Rutledge
Mary Rutledge
John "1st Brother" Rutledge
Robert E. "2nd Brother" Rutledge
William "3rd Brother" Rutledge
James Rutledge Esq.
Mary Johnson "May" Redman
Katharine R. Clark
Edward "Old Ed" Rutledge