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1830 Land Deed

1830 Land Deed
This is a merged document, containing three sets of papers. It was compiled by the site author, Tim Rutledge.

The first page is an excerpt from a document from County Cavan Library, "Small Private Collections". The first entry on Page 1 is the Land Deed in question. This summary provides most of the information available, describing a sale in 1830. The land is being sold by an Edward Rutledge and his son Thomas, to a Mr. Johnston. It mentions Edward's father Robert Rutledge, deceased, as the prior owner.

The second couple of pages are some maps printed out, covering the central part of Ballymagirril, County Cavan. In red pen, I have traced the area I believe is being referred to by the deed, and how it may relate to the other properties around it. This cannot be proven either. "Spring Well Park" is not a term known by my contacts in Bawnboy or Ballinamore, it must have been a local term. However, operating on that theory, the small area involved, and the small number of landowning Rutledges, we believe it may be confirmed eventually.

The last six pages are actual scans of the 1830 deed, sent to me by the County Cavan Library on 26 November 2015. These scans, of good quality, allowed me to be sure of what was in the summary, as well as provide a few other details. Mary Rutledge, mentioned in the summary, is shown to be a widow in the actual document. We do not know to whom she was married, it does not specify. Being named as a widowed Rutledge, it may be likely that her maiden name was not Rutledge, and so she may have been a wife to any of the males listed in the current family tree described in the Chronicles of the Clark Family, Volume 1.

Further details and analysis will be provided if and when more perspective is gained.

TR 29 Nov 2015
Date of Origin
10 Apr 1830
Associated People
Robert E. "2nd Brother" Rutledge
Edward "Old Ed" Rutledge
Thomas Rutledge