Rutledge Ancestry

John Rutledge

John Rutledge

b. bef. 1777 (Ballymagirril, County Cavan, Ireland)
d. abt. Feb 1842 (Ballymagirril, County Cavan, Ireland)
General Information
Catherine's first name is in the will of John Rutledge, husband.
Also in the will, John bequeaths 4 pounds sterling to a Johnson Gibson. This most certainly is an in-law since John had no children, the land and money went to Robert, the sisters were settled, and Fanny was long deceased.

Swanlinbar parish records have the marriage of John Rutledge of Templeport to Catherine Gibson of Kinawley Parish on 27 Feb 1811.

Had several children, but all died at birth.

Left his estate to his younger brother Robert in America, and the land was sold to James Rutledge, first cousin once removed.

Had a hard life due to his difficult wife, who seemed to vow to make it her duty to "annoy and afflict her husband". On his death bed, he would often say,

"When shall I be delivered
From this vain world of sin?
And with my blessed Savior
Drink endless pleasures in."
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