Rutledge Ancestry

Mary Rutledge

Mary Rutledge

b. Apr 1784 (Ballymagirril, Co. Cavan, Ireland)
d. 4 Sep 1850 (Hanlan, Ontario, Canada, Cause: Unknown Illness)
General Information
"Mary Rutledge, the fourth child, was born April, 1784; died Sept. 4, 1850. She married in the old country, William Johnston, of County Tyrone, and when she came to this country was accompanied by her mother and sister Alice. She had six children. ... These all were born and lived in Hanlon, Ontario, Canada, or its neighborhood."
--The Chronicles of the Clark Family, Vol 1.

"Alice Rutledge came to this country in 1812, at the age of fifteen, in company with her widowed mother, her sister Mary, and the latter's husband, William Johnson."
--The Chronicles of the Clark Family, Vol I.

In her last weeks, as recounted by her daughter Mary Ann, would clasp her hands and say,

"What are all my sufferings here,
If, Lord, thou count me meet
With that enraptured host to appear,
And worship at his feet."

According to the Chronicles, her mother Fanny died at her home in New York City.
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