Rutledge Ancestry

Alice Rutledge

Alice Rutledge

b. abt. 1794 (Ballymagirril, Co. Cavan, Ireland)
d. 7 Mar 1859 (Orleans Co., New York, USA)
James Johnston
m. abt. 1816, New York City, New York, USA

General Information
Contrary to CCCv1 account, Alice's grave stone gives an exact date of death, 7 March 1859, in her 66th year (65 years old) which places her date of birth at about 1794, NOT 1797 as stated in CCCv1. The author, Katherine Clark-Mullikin, admitted to reconciling her dates as much as possible, so it is therefore possible that some of her information was in error.

Source: Find a Grave, Accessed 13 April 2015.

"Alice Rutledge came to this country in 1812, at the age of fifteen, in company with her widowed mother, her sister Mary, and the latter's husband, William Johnson. At the age of nineteen [1816] she was married by Rev. Marvin Richardson to James Johnson, a man of good family and abundant means, but an unkind husband. He was no relation to her brother-in-law, though the same name. He died in New York City, May, 1827, leaving her a widow at thirty years of age, with three children. Of all my granduncles and aunts of this branch of the family, this grandaunt Alice was the only one my mother ever met. She spent part of her widowhood in Trenton. Her husband had been supposed to be wealthy, but when his estate was settled it was found to be much encumbered, and she and her children had only a slender income. She left her handsome home and went to a retired part of Trenton, N.J., where she educated her children and succeeded finally in removing all mortgages from her property. She was a devoted mother, declining eligible offers of marriage for her children's sake, and though young when left a widow, she remained such to her death.
As nearly as I can reconcile dates, she died in 1860 at the age of sixty-three, at her daughter's, in Toronto, Canada. Her children were all born in New York."
Source: The Chronicles of the Clark Family, Vol I.
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