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James Rutledge Esq.

James Rutledge Esq.
General Information
Birth Date: ASSUMED: Son Wm. born 1806. One account says James was married to Martha 1803. 20 y.o. (guess) gives a BD of 1783. (Source: Port Fairy Ghost Research article)
Location: ASSUMED: 3 Brothers arrived from Scotland mid-century, James probably not born by then.

Death Date: ASSUMED: Based on Ballymagirril records described below. If he is the same, then he died after the Arms Registry of 1833. Also, the will of John Rutledge, his 1st cousin 1x removed, son of William, son of John, states that his land is to be sold to James Rutledge. This will was made in 1842.
Location: ASSUMED: James held some family land until it passed to son Forster by 1856. James probably never left Ireland.

James Rutledge is mentioned in the Chronicles of the Clark Family, Volume II, written 1879:
"William had three sons and three daughters, John, Andrew (noted for his fun and mischief), James, Susan, Alice, and Grace. A son of James is now (1879) probably on the old homestead."
[I believe this to be an indirect reference to son Forster, who did end up with the land. TR]

1823 Tithe Applotments: James Rutledge (33 acres), Edward Rutledge (22 acres), and John Rutledge (11 acres) in the townland of Ballymagirril.

1825 Registry of Freeholders: Abode is Ballymagirril, freehold the same, no landlord, is a 20-pound freeholder. Registered 13 January 1825.

1833 Registry of Keepers of Arms, in the townland of Ballymagirril, having registered a gun (musket) and pistol in 1832.

1842 Will of John Rutledge: (1st cous. 1x remov.): John's land was sold to James Rutledge. Does not name James as his cousin, but the will refers to the Rutledges several times as "the Rutledge Family", indicating relatively close relations. Executors are Rev. Beresford and Foster Rutledge (James' son).

James Rutledge is described in several texts as squire of Ballymagirril, and regarding his son, William Rutledge (b.1806) who emigrated to Australia in 1829, bringing out his brothers and sisters, all except one son Forster Rutledge. Forster was the sole heir, which is also mentioned in at least one published text, and inherited the family land. This is borne out by examining Griffith's Valuation of 1856: In the Parish of Templeport, Townland of Ballymagirril, a Forster Rutledge is one of just three landlords there, owning approximately 60 acres on his own, and leasing a further 21-22 acres from Thomas Johnston.

Source: "A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Colonial Gentry", Sir Bernard Burke, 1891.
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